March 28, 1995


Ms. Wendy Francis Mr. Mike McIvor

Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society President

1019 Fourth Avenue, S.W. Bow Valley Naturalists

Calgary, Alberta P.O. Box 1693

T2P 0K8 Banff, Alberta T0L 0C0

Dear Sir and Madame:

Re: Limestone Valley Resort

Our File No. EAB 95-008

The Board has considered your notice of appeal and subsequent correspondence and is of the opinion that your appeal must be dismissed. The Board has no jurisdiction under Part 3 of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act to hear an appeal from the departmental decisions which have been made to date on this matter (impact assessments).

The Board does point out that any project, such as a golf course development, may eventually use or affect the use of Alberta's natural environment\ in such a way that an application will be made by the proponent (or local government) to one of the other Directors which could, then, result in an appeal to this Board. Because of the potential for appeals to eventually come to this Board in cases such as this, the Board feels that it would be inappropriate to make any comments on the materials that you sent to us, addressing the procedures or decisions that have occurred to date.

Yours truly,

(Signed) W. A. Tilleman


cc: Mr. Victor Batycki, President

B.H.B. Canmore Ltd.

Mr. Robert Stone, Director of Environmental Assessment

Alberta Environmental Protection

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